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Season 1

Episode 1:Phantom Lord!

Phantom Lord attack Fairy Tail! Leading our heroes Pixel,Winter,Raven and Autumn to fight back but a poweful dragon slayer attacks Pixel!

Episode 2:Fairy Tail VS Phantom Lord

After Levy,Jet,Droy and Autumn get injured Fairy Tail must strike back but they meet some intresting enemies.

Episode 3:The Element 4!

Our heroes face off aganist the mighty and powerful Element 4! But there may be somebody else

Episode 4:God Slayer

Bend controls Winter unleashing her true power!

Episode 5:A New Team!

Shadow Gear and Team Pixel go on a job to get tickets to a resort! But fighting a monster cant be that diffcult right?

Episode 6:Gilltaene

A new dark gulid has arose there name is Gillatene!

Episode 7:Familar Faces

Our heroes face off aganist some old foes and some new foes aswell

Episode 8:Paradise Prime!

Gilltene escapes but they still have the monster they need to face

Episode 9:Pixel

Team Pixel goes to the resort but there vacation is ruined by some familar faces