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Kronos is the Xyon of Time and was a former main protaganist until he died. and is also the brother of Kryoga the Demon Of Darkness.He was the husband of Trixie and the father of the Mini Xyon

Before Xyonhood

Corrin was the elder brother to Kryoga.At some point Kryoga was killed in the Great War and Corrin became king of Scrpite and got married to Lia a cat girl.In A65 Corrin and Lia were both ambushed and killed.Years later after 9 others were murdered including Kryoga closet friends.Later Kryoga now known as the Dark God had created a new race of pure being's of darkness known as Xyon's Corrin now known as Kronos had started to be a loyal servant to the Dark God.The humans in the end figured out a way to banish the Xyon's to the Dark God's realm.Kronos among many was sucked into his relam