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Xyon's are creatures formed out of pure darkness but have emotion and are able to make there own descions there are 13 main Xyon's.

The 13

Name Afflieation Magic Status
Kronos,Xyon of Time The Injurseny Time Magic,Darkness Magic,Soul Magic(Only with Pixel's Staff) DEAD
Trixie,Xyon Of Control The Insjurseny Control Magic,Darkness Magic DEAD
Cleaver,Xyon Of Excution The Insjurseny Excution Magic,Darkness Magic ALIVE
SoulEater,Xyon Of Souls The Dark God SoulEater powers DEAD
Coach Tom,Xyon Of Touture The Dark God Tourture Magic,Construct Magic,Darkness Magic DEAD
Mini-Xyon,Xyon Of Insanity The Insjurseny Item 17 Magic,Darkness Magic,Fire Magic ALLVE
UNCS Ambassdor,Xyon Of Lightning The Insjurseny Thunder Magic,Fire Magic,Plasma Magic ALIVE
Oliva,Xyon Of Dark Matter The Insjurseny Dark Matter Magic,Fire Magic ALIVE
Luke,Xyon Of Ghosts The Insjurseny Ghost Magic,Plasma Magic,Death Magic ALIVE
Overgenral,Xyon Of Obllivion The Insjurseny Obllivion Magic,Fire Magic,Darkness Magic ALIVE
Ovelord,King Of The Xyon The Insjurseny Darkness Magic,Over Lightning Magic,Death Magic ALIVE
Rowan,Xyon Of Betryal The Dark God Xyon Magic,Darkness Magic ALIVE
Theodore(Teddy Bear),Xyon Of Nightmares The Insjurseny Teddy Bear Magic,Nightmare Magic,Control Magic, No-Longer A Xyon