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Tetro is an antagonist in LEGO:Gulid Wars.He uses Sun Magic and Night Magic.He is an S Class Mage in Midnight Dawn.

Condrai Arc

Tetro appears at the begining of Episode 3 of the Condrai Arc.He only is a shadow and says no words.In Episode 6 he appears fully and challenges Olivia he completey destroys her and then faces off aganist Nali,Ace,Cato and Serena.Knocking out all but Cato.After the Crown is destroyed then he chooses to not side with anyone and destroys Aero's mech and then faces off aganist Kiwi.He later regroups with someothers to fight of the Metal Zombies and Plauge Zombies.

Later he is taken prisoner by Sunspheare.When they are ambushed by the OVER he then was offered a deal by Allison if he helps Sunspheare then he will be freed.Accepting he and the other Prisoners fight the OVER.Later he meets his former Gulid master,Lace who is now a robot.Coming close to losing he manges to beat Lace.Tetro laters returns to the city along with his fellow gulid mates to tour the city.


Tetro VS Olivia

Tetro VS Cato,Ace,Nali and Serena

Tetro VS Kiwi

Prisoners,Sunspheare and Cherry and Gunslinger Girl VS The OVER REBORN and Demons and Signus

Tetro VS Lace 2.0

Monica,Bobby,Crocus VS Tetro,Jack and Nohro